Great lenses that bring the outdoors to life.

Everyday lenses that polarize as they darken, reducing glare
Noticeably crisper, sharper vision outdoors
Ideal for glasses wearers who spend a lot of time outside
Provides 100% UVA/UVB protection

Daytime light and weather conditions constantly change while driving and so do Transitions Drivewear sun lenses. Their NuPolar® polarization removes glare off the road and car hood. Transitions® photochromic technology adjusts the color and tint of the lenses as light conditions change, providing ideal color and clarity for driving:

In low light or overcast conditions, the lenses are a green/yellow color that provide high contrast and minimize glare
Behind the windshield, the lenses activate to a copper color enhancing color recognition and depth perception
In bright outdoor light, the lenses activate to a dark red-brown filtering excess light to provide maximum comfort
Lenses that work with most prescriptions and frames

Transitions® Lenses

Transition lenses: the most convenient way to enjoy better vision, indoors and out, today and tomorrow.

Transitions lenses are clear indoors and at night but automatically adjust their level of tint to changing light conditions outdoors. They provide visual comfort and quality at every moment, helping you see better.

These photochromic lenses block 100% of damaging UVA and UVB radiation, providing 100% UV400 protection, helping to preserve your long-term eye health.

Transitions lenses are compatible with virtually all frames and are available in a wide range of materials and prescriptions. Chances are if your prescription is available in a clear lens, it's also available in a Transitions lens.

Everyday lenses that can help you see better today...and tomorrow.


Everyday lenses that are anything but ordinary.

Our most responsive adaptive lenses with Chromea7™ technology
Photochromic lenses that adapt to light – fully clear indoors and dark outdoors
Ideal for glasses wearers who are both inside and outside during the day
Provides 100% UVA/UVB protection

Extra protection from light anywhere you go.

Protects your eyes from harsh natural and artificial light
Lenses darken even in the car for constant light protection
Ideal for glasses wearers who are especially sensitive to light
Provides 100% UVA/UVB protection